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Smart and Secure boat alarm

A YachtSafe connected GPS alarm gives you access to a variety of smart features via a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android. Our app has been designed to give you control over your boat wherever in the world you are, with features developed to make it easier to keep your boat secure when you’re not on board. The GPS tracker has been developed in Sweden and is manufactured in Scandinavia.

Full control of your boat. Wherever you want. However you want. Whenever you want.

YachtSafe offers wireless GPS alarms and accessories for vehicles, boats, and homes. Communicate with the GPS tracker using our smartphone app. YachtSafe makes it easy for you to keep a check on your gadgets wherever you are. The YachtSafe GPS trackers G31 and G32 are fully cast for total protection. The alarms come with an integral SIM card for GSM services.


Our GPS alarm allows you to track your vehicle via GPS positioning.

Mobile Alarm

Alert several mobile phones in the event of a break-in or theft.

Voltade monitoring

Be alerted about voltage fluctuations or if the onshore power supply is disconnected.

Temperature monitoring

Check temperatures from your mobile. Set up alert limits for cold or heat.


Wireless water sensors can alert you in the event of a leak.

Smart features

Connect multiple gadgets to your alarm to give your boat even more features. Turn refrigerators and heaters on/off, for example.

Please your insurer and reduce your premium

Swedish insurance companies look favourably on boat owners who install a YachtSafe GPS alarm. It is a recognised search system. Insurance companies often offer reduced premiums and reduced insurance excesses if you install a YachtSafe tracker and alarm. Over the course of a few years, the discounts can often cover the entire cost of the alarm.

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